History of coin to get or why it happened this way)

You are welcomed by the team of CRP coin creators, we are crypto enthusiasts who are primarily interested in the technological development of decentralized cryptocurrency (Blockchain). We don’t make large pronouncements to shock the public, instead we write coin and services code.

2017 became a year of hype with active and euphoric interest for cryptocurrency.


We planned this coin not as scam (a means for quick and easy enrichment), but instead as an alternative to Bitcoin for everyday payments.

Therefore, we chose a 30s block verification because currency form should be very fast.


One of the main problems of new cryptocurrency that can be mined on specialized computers (ASIC) or graphic card (GPU) is that only a limited number of people with primarily Low Complexity can make a large number of coins.

Also, everyone is aware that ASIC and GPU miners are not inclined to hold coins. They spend them at the crypto-exchanges quickly.

Originally, mining was Satoshi Nakamoto’s idea to maintain the network (include users’ transactions to blocks). Now mining is used to enrich miners. I. e. mining is a business with multi-billion capital.

To solve this problem, we picked YesCrypt algorithm (R16 variety) as more demanding in CPU-cores. Following the YesCryptR16 GPU miner appearance, it was decided to use Hard fork and algorithm change that is specially designed for its needs and coin concept.

A talented programmer and mathematician known as Solar Designer (creator of YesCrypt algorithm and famous password cracker John the Ripper) assisted  us with the creation of a new algorithm. The first time we spoke he was surprised that a hash algorithm is used in cryptocurrency. In the new YesPoWer algorithm that he developed there is a modernized YesCrypt algorithm for cryptocurrency needs that is more demanding in cores. It was Solar Designer who returned the/a CPU-only status for coin.

The strength of our team is developers. At coin launch we attempted to work with ad and design specialists, which unfortunately did not work out. As a result, we had to do a rebranding with the help of our community volunteers. We completely changed the graphic design and title, and retained the CRP ticker, the concept and our work enthusiasm.

The original decision wasn’t about reinventing the wheel, but to integrate different features from various coins that would make coin more efficient to save time and resources.

Coin Daemon is upgraded, made to implement SegWit and Lightning technologies in the near future. These changes will further remove coin development barriers.

To raise money on coin development needs, since our coin was launched without premine, a crowdfunding site was created. On this website, ideas/projects will be posted and the community can pick which of these should be implemented first.

We also decided to refrain from using a traditional RoadMap. Everything we are doing for coin won’t be released within a certain timeline.

We will continually implement the products and release them when they are ready/complete.. On the coin site in the RoadMap section are the weekly upgraded progress indicators of one or the other project.

There are also some courses of action that are known only by active/privileged community members.

How to become a part of community? Ask the group admins in Telegram or Discord. For faster implementation for a set of unique ideas, we would like to find an investor or individuals in a development team. Ideally, of course, both.

Launching of various commercial products is planned. We are constantly/ continually seeking new manpower to implement ideas.

The coin has been in existence for only one year, but we have accomplished the following with our enthusiasm:

  • Created the coin with a group/set of our own edits
  • Agreed on creation of principally new unique algorithm (developed for us by a leading specialist-mathematician)
  • Successfully survived 1 Hard Fork (algorithm change) and 1 Soft Fork (core coin update)
  • Survived 2 rebrandings (partial and total)
  • Updated core coin (made changes so that none of the coin is using YesPoWer and have created User-Friendly GUI-miner (one button miner for newbies in the world of cryptocurrency and mining)
  • Created server binding for this miner
  • Created console miner with automatic algorithm changes ( Hard Fork friendly ) Miner with 2 types of working modes : for the work from the console and GUI-shell
  • Created unique modular groundworks for the future products (a list of products is accessible in the improvised RoadMap)