A true Cryptocurrency and payment system for free people

We are proudly present
CranePay [CRP]

CranePay [CRP] is a cryptocurrency, which is a direct descendant of Bitcoin and is based on the ideas of decentralized P2P networks from Satoshi Nakamoto

The main objective of CranePay [CRP] is to return the direct purpose of using cryptocurrency as a payment system in which the guarantor of transactions (third party) is the program code.

CranePay [CRP] is a true cryptocurrency and payment system for daily payments, with fast transactions. Everyone can mine CranePay [CRP] on own home computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone using the processor (CPU)

CranePay [CRP] uses ASIC-protected, GPU-protected algorithm YesPoWer. CranePay [CRP] has a global value provided with media products, goods and services created inside and outside the CranePay community, in any country of the world and at any time.
CranePay [CRP] is a fully autonomous and decentralized system. No one can prohibit, freeze, modify or revoke a committed transaction in the blockchain.
Download and install the wallet, take part in the struggle for a fair redistribution of resources, for the destruction of loan interest, for simple and honest economic relations between people and communities, without pads and intermediaries, as promised by Satoshi Nakomoto

CranePay [CRP] returns to the true path the usage of Bitcoin technology – as a payment system with cryptocurrency. This is the only way for humanity to emerge from debt slavery, escape from unsecured fiat money, and come to a more just reward for own work.


CranePay [CRP] meets all basic principles of classical cryptocurrency


Every user is contributing to the safety of system by keeping a copy of blockchain ledger


Using CRP wallet you can create new address for every transaction and keep your business private


CRP is driven by community of developers, who make the source code available for others

No premine

Same as with Bitcoin - no one had advantage over those who joined community later on


Because CRP is a classic cryptocurrency, being successor of Bitcoin - there were no initial coin offering at the beginning


Average time of block is 30 seconds, which makes CRP applicable for quick and easy value exchange

Digital Currency Evolution

What’s next? We want digital currencies to be so easy to use your grandmother could use them.

CranePay will enable you to sign up and access your CRP from any device and transact as easily as you can with PayPal, but in a fully decentralized way. Stay tuned…

Specification and advantages


PoW consensus technology is used accept new blocks

small fee

Transactions on CranePay blockchain are performed with small fee 

30 sec

Average time of finding block and attaching it to a blockchain, which is 9x faster then Bitcoin


Advanced encryption algorithm used on CranePay blockchain Powered by Alexander Peslyak

≈ 42m

Current emmision of CRP coin. Maximum emission is 84m
Specification and advantages

Get Started

Just download the wallet and start using CranePay

Got some hard skills?

We are constantly searching for new co-workers and contributors. Here are some of the expertises we are searching for:

  • C, C++
  • Rust, ELM, Erlang, Elixir
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, RocksDB, LevelDB
  • ElectronJS, Ionic (Hybrid Mobile)
  • Bash, GIt, Docker
  • Python
  • OldSchool web stack: PHP, JavaScript, CSS

Design stack:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop


How is CranePay different from another YesPoWer's coins? Aren’t they the same?

No they aren’t the same. Another coins doesn’t have a dedicated team supporting future development, has no governance fund for marketing or additional exchange listings.

Btw we 1-st coin with YesPoWer algo.

How do I mine CranePay?

Install CPU miner and you are good to go.

Here is a link: Cli miner

  1. CranePay Pool [official]
  2. Luckypool [official]
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